Customizable Crystal Birthstone Name Bracelet (B050)

Mother's Day is fast approaching!

Mothers are the bearers of life, comforters when we are sick, givers of unconditional love and so much more. Although we may not recognize and celebrate Mom on a regular basis, we should on her special day. This Mother's Day you'll want to ensure you have thought of a way to show her you care.
Customizable Crystal Birthstone Name Bracelet (B050)
Customizable Crystal Birthstone Name Bracelet (B050)
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Our Mothers bracelets are personalized just for you and there are a wide variety of styles to choose from. Our Mother's Bracelets, Mother's Jewelry, Name Bracelets, and Family Themed Jewelry are made of the highest quality materials including: .925 Sterling silver beads, 14 karat Gold Filled beads, Bali style beads, Swarovski Crystals and 49-strand high quality beading wire.

Custom design your mothers bracelet or name bracelet using one of our existing beautiful beading options or we can create a unique and personalized name bracelet design just for you. Nothing says "I Love You" more than a personalized gift with the name and/or birthstones of Mom's children! If you can't seem to find the perfect bracelet for Mom, Grandma or an Aunt, simply contact us to tell us what you are looking for. We'll help you design a beautiful creation!

Other great gift ideas for Mom: Earrings, Keychains and Watches.

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