The Need for BEADS!

I've been on a creative spurt the last few weeks in preparation for an upcoming event (check out my events & shows listing for day/time). I have designed so many new and great things that there is absolutely no way I can get them all pictured to get on the website AND prepared for the show (tagged, priced, etc) so I've decided to wait until after the show to get posted the designs that are available. So stay tuned!!

However, I digressed...getting back on track...I've found that while designing I am in the "zone" -a creative streak (so to speak..pardon the rhyme) -and while in this "zone" the one thing I absolutely dislike is....RUNNING OUT OF SUPPLIES!

For example, yesterday I designed this bracelet with a bead I've had for probably well over six months or more and viola! a bracelet emerged. Like most beads I get I love the bead but I don't always have a specific design in mind when I buy them. But finally I was able to "see" the vision of a design for these particular beads -and it truly does look great. And so I then create a complimentary pair of earrings! On a roll now....then out of the blue (and I rarely make sets of three -i.e., bracelets, earrings AND necklace) I get this design idea stuck in my head for a necklace that again, would compliment either or both the bracelet and earrings and off I go designing -to give you kind of a visual if you were looking at me you'd see beads, wire, and tools flying in all different directions as I designed away!

And I get two of the beads positioned where I want them on the chain and POOF! I run out of the small gold beads I need to complete the look! Maybe the rule of thumb is to always order more than you think of the beads you assume you won't be using too much of -because that's precisely what happened here.

There is nothing more stiffling on creativity than to have a design in mind and not be able to do something about it right away while the design and inspiration is still fresh. I have tons of designs that are still sitting in a pile on my desk to be created and I just lost interest because I couldn't do it while I was inspired (for whatever reason...time, supplies, etc) -my ideas come as quickly as I lose interest -I need to get that design created before I'm off on another design idea. They are all great but there is only so much time in the day and only so many beads my office can hold and my budget can handle.

And so, I sit here typing and thinking about that unfinished necklace and the half-dozen or so other unfinished projects on my desk and wonder...why am I typing this blog when I could be ordering the needed supplies?!

: )

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