Did You Make That?

I get asked this ALOT. Being a jewelry designer, my friends and family are always curious if the pieces I'm wearing are ones I've made. My response? Yes and No.

There are times when I wear exclusively my own designs; there are times when I wear jewelry given to me as a gift; and still there are times when I'll mix both: my designs with jewelry purchased for me/by me.

Here's the logic: I'll buy something only if I feel or know I cannot find the component that makes the design so spectacular, to make it myself. Although, as a rule if I do buy a "fashion jewelry" piece from a store (which is really rare these days) I always make sure I have something from my Crystal Allure collection that I could wear with it. And without a doubt, if my husband buys me a jewelry gift (which is usually diamonds -because he knows how much I can't resist sparkle!!) I will most certainly wear those! So, yes, occasionally I'll still wear something that I did not design.

I don't find the question offensive, actually I find it quite natural for people to ask that question. Over the years though, my personal jewelry collection has drastically grown with my own designs and also anything my husband would purchase for me..making the number of "fashion jewelry" pieces less-and-less in my collection.

Even further complicating things would be the fact that I might have a fashion jewelry piece that I bought some years ago and I'll decide I don't like the design any longer and disassemble it to remake it with my own design ideas (this usually happens with pendants). So imagine the explanation I give when asked if I designed that piece! LOL

I thought I'd share my experiences since this question came back to mind last night as I filled my new jewelry armoire (that I received as a gift from my husband). My husband works with wood and had already made me a beautiful dresser sized armoire -however, with my love of jewelry and growing collecting of Crystal Allure originals -I ran out of space! So, I asked for a full size jewelry armoire for Christmas. As I filled it and organized the few remaining older fashion pieces that I had purchased from a store, I happened to think of this question that I've been asked frequently.

And I wondered......as a designer, do you always wear exclusively your own designs? And how do you field the question when asked, 'did you make that?'

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