Just A Quick FYI

In case anyone was confused, I wanted to post an explanation about why someone can still purchase products under the old product webpages.

At the moment, the old product webpages are still sitting on the server. As a result, if you had saved a product page in the past as a favorite, when you select that link the old page will still come up. All the old "add to cart" features are also still in place.

This was mainly a safeguard in case there were problems with the new online store. The intent was to delete those pages this weekend barring no purchasing problems with the new online store.

Based on the fact that I have received some purchases from the old pages and also the new online store pages, I see it is working and will be deleting the old pages from the server this weekend.

Have no fear, if you save a particular page you can still go to the new online store and do a keyword search that will return to you the exact product you were looking for. I hope this has helped to clear up any confusion and as always, I am here should you have difficulties checking out in the new online store.

Happy Shopping

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