I'd have to say it seemed this week was the longest week. Between being on vacation for the last two weeks of 2006 and then with the holiday last week. Just seemed very long -or maybe it's because I'm very tired. I have so many CAC things in the works that I'm not sure where to start!

Over this week I've taken on the task of "re-locating" my bead studio in my home. I felt I needed a more productive space, better lighting and the ability to "trash" my work space and not worry it would be in view of visitors. As of today I'm only partially moved -still working on the actual work area set up -and I have a whole basket of items to get pictured and posted. As well, I have a ton of existing projects to finish and many, many new pieces that I'd like to get done. One thing is for sure -I never lack for design ideas!

Whenever I organize my studio, I always think back to an edition of Extreme Makeover that I saw in 2005 (?). A young girl with cancer made necklaces that she sold to her friends and family to raise money for cancer -well, the EM team created for her a beading room, where she could do her beading. Let me tell you -this was the ultimate bead room! Even today I'm so jealous!! All the drawers, storage, lighting, clean lines, working surfaces...beautiful, just beautiful. Needless to say, I TRY but my studio NEVER looks or functions like that one!

But I make what space I have workable for my needs. Of course, I wish I had not painted this room the color that it is (and I'm sure my husband will grin if he reads this)...and as he knows...sometime (probably in summer) it'll get re-painted the color I want. With the new online store working, my goal right now is to get re-organized and settled so I can get to creating!

With that said, time to get some iced coffee (yum!!), wake up and figure out how to set up my new studio. Minus a short break tomorrow for a family get-together, I plan to be creating most of the weekend! Stay tuned for my brand new creations.....

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