With Spring Comes All Things New

Nearly half-way into 2007, it has proven to be an extremely busy year so far. Business has been progressing along at a very fast pace with orders, a whole new look for the website, new website features, wholesale requests and the like.

With that said, I am very excited to announce Crystal Allure Creations is in collaboration with web designers to give us a whole new look! There are many, many changes coming down the pike. We do expect some minor bumps when the transition has been made, but for all the great changes coming it will be well worth it!

Our new look will incorporate different colors, website structure and logo. What you see now will be no where near what you see later! Just some of the new features to be added include a wish list, gift certificates and coupon/discount options for VIP customers. There are also plans to allow visitors to make a purchase without creating an account.

One of the things that I have struggled with since day one, has been photos of the jewelry and after many painstaking hours at research, testing and testing again, I do believe I have resolved this issue. You will start to see some better photos for the jewelry coming out now. I am even in the process of evolving the jewelry line and what you see available now might not be available once the new site is finished.

So as you can see there are HUGE changes coming in the VERY NEAR future. I am excited beyond words and look forward to the challenges the come. Now....if I can only make this a full-time venture it sure would make life easier!

Don't forget to check out the current designs, while they're still available!


Happy Shopping!

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