Some Days....

Some days it just does not pay to get out of bed -today is one of those days. As if running around like a crazy woman to get on the road to work wasn't enough, I had to witness someone who hit a deer today.

Our car barely missed that deer but not the car behind us. He wacked it with his front head light area and as I turned around in the car, I said to myself "don't do it", and sure enough I saw the deer fly into the air in circles only to land on the side of the road. As we drove and I tried to see how it was I noticed it was down (meaning it had been injured) and although its head was upright you could tell it wasn't going to be getting up. What made things worse is the guy who hit the deer didn't even stop.

We have invaded their living space with all our houses and development and for gosh sakes if you hit an animal the least you can do is stop and evaluate its injuries. And in todays day and age, use your cell phone for crying out loud to call for help. Even if the poor thing cannot be saved, at least it would not have to suffer either.

I don't know what happened to that deer today, BUT I did use my cell phone to call 911. I was not told that someone already called it in (which only made me more sad and angry) but I knew at least someone would go check him out. There was construction going on where the deer was hit and I hope those men at least went to check on the deer.

For all the things that went wrong today before seeing that have faded and all I'm left with now is worrying about that poor deer. Really makes a day a bad day. *sigh*

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