Update On Website Redesign

This is me: change this, update that, change this, oh and change that, how about this, how about that, what if this, what if that, change this, change that......

This is Meredith, our web designer and programmer:

Whew! It's difficult to redesign your website. Obviously I know how hard it is for me to make decisions that will affect my customers online shopping experience but I can only imagine what it's like for web designers.

You originally start with an idea and budget. Here it is. Then as things begin to be designed and you see your idea on screen you find some of the changes you wanted to do won't work, or work in the way the site has developed and so forth. Then of course there is the commitment factor...it's hard to get to the point to say, YES, DONE, PERFECT. Because once that happens, you are done. Anymore work and it'll cost you. Sometimes it's good, other times it bad, but I'm the type of person who tries to account for EVERY LITTLE what-if. That way, you know it's done perfectly.

BUT, if you get a great designer who understands you're a little weird (and picky) but through all this can still see your vision for what you would consider the perfect website -then what you'll end up with is just that. It has been what seems like a long road to get here but the new design is in the final stages and I'm getting very excited that it will be done soon.

Stay tuned....

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