Custom Rose Garden Necklace

A lovely lady, visiting Rochester from Tennessee, had visited my booth at the 2007 Chil-E Festival and purchased the Rose Garden bracelet and earrings. I included my business card with her purchase and the next day she called me to request a coordinating necklace. I was very happy to create this custom piece for her and immediately had a design in mind.

I very much appreciated her calling so soon after the show because she was only in Rochester until August 6th. So I quickly set off to the local bead store to be sure I could still obtain the special Rose Lampwork bead used in this design. Luck was on my side and soon I was in my studio working on the design.

The Rose Garden bracelet had been strung and the earrings were wire-wrapped to the french ear wires. But for the necklace I really wanted to give it an added elegance using a wire-wrapping technique for the entire necklace. I kept with the overall theme sequence of the bracelet but just jazzed it up a bit with some small bead sequence changes. I made sure to make it adjustable up to 18-1/2″ for the best fit and I had completed the design within a few nights.

My customer was so very happy I was able to get a necklace made and was very appreciative. As well, I was thankful she allowed me to create a custom design for her to treasure well into the future. I hope she had a wonderful time in Rochester and has a safe trip back home.

Custom Rose Garden Necklace

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