First Show Of The Season -Rained Out

The first show of the season was the Brockport Lions Club Classic Car Cruise-In held July 14, 2007. My husband and I arrived (surprisingly!) early and began setting up. Although no sooner had we set up the tent frame and top, the wind started to pick up. Within two hours of the event it started to rain and eventually the show was rained out.

The only downfall to outside shows is that you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. In my experience, I have found the worst enemy is wind. I think for the most part I could deal with rain or sun, but the wind just ruins your entire display. Unless of course you want your tent to look like it’s braced for a hurricane (with straps running the span of your side and back panels).

I did not get an accurate count of vendors but I’d say there was maybe a handful with no other jewelry vendors. We were told the DJ would be setting up next to us -wasn’t butt up next to us but close enough. At first we thought it was a great idea. Work our tent and listen to great music -wrong. We found out quickly that having the DJ next to us was not beneficial at all. For the VERY FEW customers who even came up to the tent to look from a distance, they couldn’t hear a word I said.

The classic cars that were being showcased by local owners were fantastic. Very well kept and the pride and joy of all who owned them. Although this was the first time they have ever introduced vendors at this event, either the vendor showcase was not advertised well or it just was not the venue for artistic vendors. As I said, we had VERY FEW people even approach our tent. In fact, some almost seemed to walk around it as if I was going to reach out and grab them and drag them in. As well, for the two hours we were there we also did not hear any mention of the vendors from the DJ.

So, all in all, it was a learning experience. We (my husband and I) still had a great time since it gives us an opportunity to spend time together. For those who own classic cars and put alot of time and sweat into their upkeep do not want their cars exposed to the elements (makes sense I guess). So, we knew if it started to rain the event would be over. And sure enough once the rain started just about every car and person cleared the area within minutes. So maybe the rain was a blessing in disguise…

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