RMSC Show Recap

Back in November 2007 I participated in the local Rochester Museum and Science Center Holiday Show. It was my first show at this event and it was quite a large show, held inside and hosted a variety of fantastic artists. I was very pleased with the select number of jewelry vendors there as well as the fact that they were disbursed around the building.

It was a great time and a terrific show for Crystal Allure. I was so busy that I was glad my husband with me (he’s so helpful and supportive!). He even made a sale while I was walking around the event. I found many benefits to this show: (1) it was held indoors -no battling the unknown elements; (2) it was near the holiday -great shopping times; (3) the vendors were spaced apart nicely and there was a limited number of jewelry vendors and; (4) the spaces were large enough to use three 6′ tables. Having all that space aloud me to put out quite a few of my pieces and really highlight them (using a small lamp). Sadly, I forgot my camera and didn’t get pictures of my set up.

It was a three day show and both Friday and Saturday the show was brimming with people. Busy, busy, busy. But it was such a fun and exciting show and it was so relieving to be around other artists who took their craft seriously (and was their bread-and-butter). I’m really looking forward to the show in 2008!

Although the whole event wasn’t “perfect”. I had an extremely rude woman actually study one of my pairs of earrings and then literally took them apart!!! When I saw her studying them (which are the classic signs of someone who is planning on copying your design) I went over to talk to her and explained the inspiration behind them. They were a dangly pair and she said she liked them but didn’t like the bottom dangle (and nonchalantly mentioned she had a friend who “might be able to fix them”). She then took them around a post (which separate two of my tables) to look at them in the mirror. While walking around the post, she actually had the gall to take the bottom dangle off them (they were assembled using a simple loop technique) so she could see them without the dangle. UGH! I was so peeved that someone actually took apart my creation and tried to hide it (and worse yet I honestly believe she felt it was within her right to disassemble my jewelry!). She then re-assembled them and put them back (now that she studied them long enough I’m sure she went and had her friend copy my design). Some people…ugh.

The only other “mishap” was a young woman paid for a bracelet and pair of earrings using her credit card. They were a gift to her mother for Christmas. Well, I took all the info, but when I processed the card, it failed. Unfortunately, we are rarely given the exact reason why a card fails so my only recourse was to send her a letter telling her of the problem and offering another method of payment. Well, she did email me and said the card should work. I explained it’s possible I wrote the card number incorrectly (which if she can just call me, we can verify the numbers) or she could send me a check. On into late December I had yet to hear from her (very disappointed I must say) so I send her an invoice and requested payment by check. Needless to say, the show was in November, it is now middle January 2008 and this woman never paid me! Can you believe it?! That is so rude. Here she gives her mother handmade jewelry that cost me supplies, labor and design time and never paid for it (I wonder what her mother would think of her for that). I guess it’s true some people just don’t have a conscience…

All things considered, it was a terrific show and I was so happy to be a part of it. I received fantastic comments on my jewelry designs, had an opportunity to find out what customers are looking for in their jewelry and did great in sales. Thank you to all who purchased one of my Crystal Allure designs and for those of you who signed up for the newsletter -stayed tuned to your emails…there will be an open house being announced in early 2008!

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