I Took The Pledge -Will You?

What is this? A pledge to buy handmade, during the holidays and everyday. You can make your pledge at buyhandmade.org where at last count there were 11,228 pledges.

Why buy handmade? Various reasons are listed on the site but one I can truly appreciate, being an designer/artist myself is -uniqueness and connection. With mass production, you get lower quality cookie cutter products. Personally, I get so tired of going into stores only to find mass-produced products -EVERYWHERE. Granted we may not be able to replace all our purchases with handmade items, but when you can wouldn’t you prefer a unique one-of-a-kind or limited edition product?

Just the other day, I purchased a specific glass vase for two reasons. The first, I had an idea for it. The second, because it was handmade and handblown in Poland (which is part of my heritage). Sure I could have purchased another glass vase for a little less, but why when I could get a handmade item of good quality? And you know what? I love that vase!

Another good reason to buy handmade, is you get the opportunity to build a relationship (if you wish to) with that designer.

So take a moment and visit buyhandmade.org and make your pledge. Keep in mind though, good quality handmade items are for sale all across the internet -not just on specific group type sites promoted on buyhandmade.org. Many serious artists have given their blood, sweat and tears (not to mention an arm and leg to finance their business expenses) to set up their online businesses so that they can offer their customers and visitors a pleasant shopping experience and unique, quality products. One only has to type “handmade” into a Google search to find all the fabulous handmade products available for sale! Or be more specific in your search string such as, “handmade crystal earrings“, etc.

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