4th of July Show Recap

To be honest I thought the first show of the season wouldn't be so great since it was being held on the 4th of July. But I was pleasantly surprised the Chil-E Festival 2008 show was a success and the Rochester weather was perfect (minus a little wind, here and there). It was a pretty nifty idea to close off a portion of the street to house the vendors, food and entertainment. Our location was excellent and it didn't hurt we were near bathrooms (you know that goes -you can't watch your booth and take a 5 or 10 minute walk to a bathroom). In fact, many thanks to Mia for reorganizing where my booth would be set up (originally I would have been right next to another jewelry booth -although our styles and materials used were very different, it doesn't help to be placed next to another jewelry designer) -so thank you, thank you, thank you Mia!!

The show was well attended and we put in about a 12-hour day (and that was just the show itself, it didn't include preparation, packing, unpacking, etc) and so by the end of the night, we were ready to pack it in. We were so tired we didn't even stay for the fireworks and we had a prime location to see them. But that's okay. The show went well, the parade was great (loved all the bands!!!), the classic car show was fabulous and the good music sealed the deal. Of course, it helped that my husband was the muscle behind packing, setting up, tearing down and re-packing the tent, tables and buckets! Thanks hon!!

It was a pleasure meeting and talking with a variety of people and I was quite surprised there was a fair number of men who looked at my handmade beaded jewelry designs. Maybe an upcoming birthday surprise? Or a sparkling Christmas gift? Regardless of the reason, they'll know where to find my pieces as I saw they did take my business card. I had designs out that sold that I didn't even have pictures of yet, just didn't have the time and most of them had just been designed in the few days prior to the show. In the same respect, I had so much inventory, that what was out was only about 1/4 of what was in stock! (psst...for those living in or near Rochester, NY, stayed tuned for an upcoming porch sale -but you have to sign up to the newsletter to hear about it).

Although I love all my designs, I did sell some of my more favorite designs and there were a few ladies who didn't even wait until they got home. They asked to wear their one-of-a-kind purchases that day! As well, I had a customer ask about the difference in metals used in handmade beaded jewelry designs and I thought it would make a great article for the website, that I will post soon.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a one-of-a-kind Crystal Allure Designs handcrafted beaded jewelry piece. To get an exclusive look at the newest designs (not on the web yet), check out my show dates and stop on by my booth. At each show I try to do something different and you never know, I might be doing a jewelry raffle that you'd be interested in entering.

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