Rising Costs Are Everywhere!

Not that I thought it wouldn't happen at some point but, geeze! Coffee too?! I love my afternoon coffee, but not anymore. Today, I went to get my regular afternoon coffee from my favorite coffee vendor (and no, it's not the place you're probably thinking of). Anyhow, the woman cashing me out just blatantly shouts the new price and I'm taken back -$4.54?!?!? Are you kidding me?

So, today is a sad day...Now I'll have to bring in my own creamer from home just to have a decent afternoon cup of coffee.

Okay, rant is over. On to the really important part of this blog post. Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you the same thing. If the crowd all shuffles left -I'm going right. I like to be different, that's just my thing. So, beginning August 15th you will find some great savings on handmade beaded jewelry from Crystal Allure Designs!

Change -I love it!
A great sale for handcrafted jewelry -love it more!

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