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I happened to find this pretty nifty Polyvore tool that lets you upload clothes, accessories and more to your profile.

You can then you can mix and match until your hearts content! I thought this would be a great tool to feature some of our beautiful Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry pieces with fabulous outfits. Since this was my first go at it all, I tested the tool on the following Swarovski Crystal beaded bracelet and crystal earrings.
Sophisticated Elegance
Sophisticated Elegance - by crystalallure on

The black and white formal gown was found at and the beaded crystal jewelry can be found below.
Swarovski Crystal Ice Cube Beaded Bracelet (B099)
Swarovski Crystal Ice Cube Beaded Bracelet (B099)
It's hard to resist a shimmering crystal bracelet! Clear cubes of Swarovski Austrian Crystals make up this stunning go-with-everything handmade beaded bracelet accented with .925 Bali and finished with a sterling silver filigree pearl clasp. Crystal bracelet measures 7-3/4".
Crystal Ice Cube Beaded Earrings (E153)
Crystal Ice Cube Beaded Earrings (E153)

These handmade beaded earrings are  a petite 3/4" in length designed with Swarovski Crystal cube and bicone shapes, accented by bright .925 sterling silver Bali, wire-wrapped with sterling silver french ear wires.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this Sophisticated Elegance Jewelry Set, just leave a comment below.

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