Amethyst Freshwater Pearl Heart Charm Bracelet -and Chocolate!?

This may be a little late but -Happy New Year!!!

I know it may have seemed like I disappeared but I had taken some much needed time off during the last few weeks of 2008. Well...that's not entirely the truth either. I did design a few more beaded jewelry pieces, fulfilled orders, etc. Even though I have a back up of jewelry to get pictures of to post...I still created more! I've since posted some of these new pieces that you will find on the Crystal Allure Jewelry website.

Some of the new pieces include heart jewelry and beaded jewelry perfect for Valentine's day gift giving -such as these Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Charm Bracelets, available in either amethyst or light amethyst.
Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Charm Bracelets (B137, B138)
Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Charm Bracelets (B137, B138)
in Amethyst and Light Amethyst

Amethyst is SOLD

Amethyst Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Charm Beaded Bracelet (B137), shown on the left, is a handmade beaded bracelet featuring purple amethyst Swarovski Crystals beads and heart charm, purple freshwater pearls, .925 Bali spacers and a sterling silver heart toggle clasp. Measures 7-1/2".

Wear this heart bracelet alone or stack it with the light amethyst Purple Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Beaded Bracelet (B138) for a lovely feminine look!

There's also a few new Garnet gemstone pieces for you January birthstone ladies. And if you're looking for that after holiday deal -check out the sales -I just added more items to the sale list in the last few days.

Behind the Designs.....
(this would be the chocolate part of this post) *smiles*
We had a great Christmas and even better, we celebrated our 7th anniversary -which is just three days before Christmas. I loved our December wedding (and being a December bride!)...although a little snow would have been nice. Yup, most brides still choose summer weddings but not me. I wanted a winter wedding. The holiday season is extra special, magical and embracing. I also SNOW! But sadly, we never got a single snowflake on our special day! Although, on our 6th anniversary I purchased a custom made chocolate Snowflake Cake and it was delicious!
Custom Made Snowflake Cake for Winter Wedding AnniversaryThanks Dawn (my sister-in-law) for getting a picture of it and sending it to me! Ahhh..memories..


Azure Accessories said...

It was nice of you to stop by, leaving a comment...thank you!

You have a lovely blog and website...your photos in particular are nicely done! I struggle with taking photos...I don't seem to have any talent in this area.

Adding rings to your stock is a positive step...I've found them to be popular at the shows and markets I do...they are not difficult. The pyrite ring...I learned the technique from a tutorial but for the life of me can't find it or I would pass it along, the second ring is free just what ever comes with the twisting of the wire!


Denise said...

Your jewelry is beautiful!!! I need to try one like this heart one.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your comments Azure. I can't tell you how many countless hours I've spent to get them to this point...sadly, I'm a perfectionist because I still think there is room for improvement. :-)

Thanks too for your comments Denise and for stopping by my blog.

The Beading Gem said...

Easy choice. Jewelry!! Very pretty and no calories!