Where Does The Time Go?!

It seems like the workweek just ended and here I am back at work again. Once again, I was able to get quite a few new beaded jewelry pieces designed over the weekend, but...went to get pictures of them and the battery needed to be re-charged. Figures. :-)

There are two new Valentine's bracelets (with coordinating earrings), a new cystic fibrosis awareness bracelet and oh....at least another 10 bracelets that have been done for a while now. Oh! And there are two new beaded necklaces you're going to love.

So, provided I can find some time tonight I'll get those pictures done and get some new jewelry posted. One of my 'goals' was to get every piece of jewelry and beaded gifts that I have posted on the website. I was really making progress and then well...life takes over.

You'll also notice that my blog looks slightly different (or more that it looks, 'unfinished'!) and that's because I plan on tweaking the blog look and website this year as well, so pardon the dust as I try new looks/banners, etc.

Ah yes, and you are probably wondering about the blanket. Well -it took forever to figure out the stitch. But I finally got it!! Granted the first few rows, the ending of them is slightly incorrect, but you really can't tell and I'm just NOT going to take the row out again. :-)

I will try to remember to get a picture of my progress thusfar and give an update post. Just this past week I got out the January newsletter...yes, pretty late indeed...and for those VIP subscribers, they received a fantastic January offer. Now to start work on the February newsletter...I need a clone.


The Beading Gem said...

I was just thinking how "delicious" your blog color is. Reminds me of chocolate. It's looking good and will no doubt get better as you tweak it further.

Stephanie said...

Awww-thanks! I love the "chocolate" color too and do plan to keep it. And thanks for your input, it helps to receive feedback on the changes I make.