Your Opinion Counts!

Update: This poll has been closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Your feedback is very much appreciated!

It's a new year and that means new goals and taking a fresh look at the collections offered at Crystal Allure. That being said, I've posted a poll on the left, "What's Your Favorite Type of Jewelry?" to gather your opinions which will provide direction for Crystal Allure in the design process for 2009.

If you landed on the website or blog for Crystal Allure, it's likely because you were looking for something handmade, jewelry related or a beaded gift. As well, you likely found jewelry is a very competitive market YET -Crystal Allure jewelry stands out from the rest for its' quality, craftsmanship, colorful gemstones/beads used and its' uniqueness. Your participation will allow Crystal Allure to remain competitive and to be sure my creative vision incorporates the pieces YOU love most (that's where you come in).

It'll take literally seconds to make a quick selection as to your favorite piece of jewelry to wear. Thank you in advance for your participation.


The Beading Gem said...

Definitely earrings. They are fun to make and fun to wear. They can be casual or utterly glam.

Stephanie said...

I absolutely agree with you Pearl. If I'm running late in the morning the one thing I remember is earrings!

Cap Creations said...

I think bracelet! Because it is always there in plain sight. I love to look at my bracelets when I am wearing them. Can't really see the neckalce or the earrings while wearing.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for voting Favors! And you know, you have a point. I feel the same way and yet, I forgot all about that! :-)