Jewelry Advertising Opportunities

If you are a jewelry designer and/or lampwork artisan, I am happy to share with you the Handcrafted Jewelry Directory Top 100 List Site. I created this site for small business shops that sell handcrafted jewelry and/or are lampwork bead artisans. It serves as a Jewelry Shop Directory for online shop owners and shoppers.

Handcrafted Jewelry Top 100 Directory of Jewelry Designers and Lampwork Artisans

Adding your site to the list is Completely FREE (all that is required is that you place a link back to the directory from your site). You can't go wrong with that kind of advertising!

Not sure if you wanted to/need to advertise? Read this:
A study by the Kellogg School of Management shows that businesses that reduce their advertising during a recession will be challenged by negative sales growth when conditions improve. Those who maintain or increase advertising will benefit from significant growth. The Kellogg researchers also found that increased advertising during a recession will help grow market share considerably post-recession.

To help you further market your online store more effectively, you now have the opportunity to gain market share with FREE advertising from one or all of the opportunities below.

Jewelry Advertising Opportunities:

Remember to add the Handcrafted Jewelry Directory Top 100 Banner to your site once you sign up -the more clicks on the banner from your site, the more likely your banner will stay visible at the top of the list.

To sign up go to

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