The Baby Robin Birds Are Here!

After reading up on the incubation period of Robin eggs, I estimated mama robin's eggs would hatch sometime between Sunday and Tuesday (today). Sure enough, we got home Sunday and I quickly peeked in the nest and BABIES!!!! The first picture (Day 1 -Sunday) shows two hatched, one on its way and one still yet to hatch.
This second picture (Day 2 -Monday) shows them all hatched and huddled together for warmth. I believe I count all four. I'm usually snapping these pictures quickly as mama is in the nearby tree...and well, I'd rather not get my head pecked by mama bird! It is my hope to be able to get a picture each day until they have 'flown the coop' so to speak. I hear once they hatch, they're gone from the nest super quick. So, I've got my fingers crossed...stay tuned!
Aren't they adorable?!?!?!


The Beading Gem said...

I'm staying tuned! I must say I would be highly tempted to check on the nest often and that would only annoy mama robin!

Regina Moore said...

Adorable! Great pics!!