Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies -For Sale

Over the years in making jewelry, I have accumulated quite a bead stash. As a result, from time to time I will sift through my stash and realize there are just some beads I no longer need/want. It could be because I no longer use that style or that I just had them for so long and haven't come up with a design idea for them or various other reasons. Regardless of why I don't need them anymore, doesn't mean they should go to waste!

I thought posting them for purchase on the blog would be the perfect way to destash and allow the opportunity for another budding or experienced designer to use them. More times than not, I'm inspired simply by the bead itself and just because these particular beads didn't inspire a design for me, someone else might have a design they'd be perfect for. My hope is that you'll find here that one special bead you needed to complete your perfect design!

For more information on or to purchase any of the beads and/or jewelry making supplies listed here, send an email to stephanie [at], indicating the part # and quantity you are interested in.

Thank you and Happy Beading!

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