It's A Somber Time For The Little Birds...

Sadly, mama robin has lost two of her birds. It's been a heartbreaking last few days. Day 5 (Thursday) started out fine. All four birds accounted for, poking their heads out for food, growing bigger everyday, getting their feathers..
Then early Friday morning, around 6:30 a.m. we hear a loud crash on our porch. My husband was working at the computer and I was still sleeping. I immediately jolted awake and just knew it was not going to be good. I heard my husband rushing back in the house from the porch, I jumped up and still half groggy mustered the courage to ask, "are they dead?". All he could say was it wasn't good.

I had made the mistake of leaving our wicker furniture on the porch in its usual spot, which is directly under the wreath. I don't know what I was thinking. Well, a cat had decided to take up this opportunity and attack. It must have jumped on the wreath because the wreath came down, hit the table and ejected all the little birds from their home. My husband said he got on the porch and there were just little birds everywhere. To make matters worse, the cat had really gotten one (there was a little pool of blood about a foot or two away from the nest....and next to it was one of the little birds). My husband set about reattaching, more securely, the wreath to the hanger and not knowing what he should do, he just put the birds back in the nest (wearing a pair of gloves). He said they were moving -even the little one who had been bitten. That was the hard one, he wasn't sure what to do. But because it was still moving and he didn't have the heart to end its life, he put that one back in the nest too. That was day 6. From the pictures, you can clearly see three...we think the injured one was too weak and may have been "pushed" to the bottom of the nest. It was a horrible beginning to the weekend. Our hearts were broken.
And it didn't end there. We picked up some 'have a heart' critter away stuff, put it on the porch but not directly in front of the nest -even though it didn't say anything about it detering birds. We again don't know what went wrong but the next morning there was only two birds in the nest. We were baffled because just the night before we watched mama robin feed all three birds left, all were poking their heads out of the nest and eating. The next morning, one was gone. There are only three possibilities that we could come up with. One, the cat came back and entered on the porch from the front, directly in front of the nest which is a spot we did not use the critter away on -and then proceded to jump on the wreath and either climb it and knock out a baby or jumped on it in such a fashion that the baby bounced out. Another possibility was that it was dying (which we really don't think was the case) and mama removed it from the nest (because we think she removed the dead one since we can't see it but we really don't know for sure). The last possibility was that another bird came and stole it. In some ways, it was really worse not knowing what happened.
To combat what we thought might be a cat again, we wrapped the bottom of the wreath with aluminum foil and also put a strip of foil along the porch under the nest. As of this morning (Sunday -day 8) there were still two in the nest. We are hoping these two are okay from the fall they took and that all is good. I guess all we can do is hope. I've read that once they hatch, they could be attempting to fly within another 14 days. That will be another challenge when the time comes.

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The Beading Gem said...

That's so sad. Glad though two little birds remained.