Crystal Allure Featured on The Beading Gem's Journal

At the start of work today I found my Moss Agate Gemstone Pearl Beaded Watch (W09) was a listed feature in the new Reader's Gallery over at the The Beading Gem's Journal! So excited! Thanks Pearl.

Pearl had contacted me about her wish to include me in her Reader's Gallery and asked me which piece was most inspired or that I would like featured and why. I thought about it for a few days and hands down it was my beaded watches. Here's a summary of why and the particular watch chosen for the gallery:

Aside from being beautiful, our beaded watches are more than just a piece of jewelry:

(1) They are really bracelets -which are my favorite pieces AND they are what Crystal Allure is known for. As well, unlike other pieces of jewelry, when you purchase a bracelet (or watch in this case) you (the purchaser) actually gets the benefit of being able to admire the beautiful jewelry. It is for our enjoyment.

(2) They are functional for everyday life. Not only do you get the beauty of a bracelet but it serves a function of giving you the time in a world where our lives are so busy.
Moss Agate Pearl Elegance Beaded Watch (W09)
Moss Agate Pearl Elegance Beaded Watch (W09)

If I were to highlight a specific watch that is currently available, it would be the Moss Agate Pearl Elegance Beaded Watch (W09). The reasons would be because of those listed above -I love green -and because prior to making it I had read that moss agate resembles moss or trees from a distance and it is said to assist in finding hidden treasures and it is believed to bring the wearer health, friends and riches. Which is something I would wish for the person who purchased it!

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