Welcome Mama Robin!

This past weekend I took some time to enjoy the sunny weather we were having (which doesn't occur often here!) and discovered a Robin had made her nest on my porch! At first, I had thought someone put it there (because family and friends know how much I love birds, nature, etc) but upon closer inspection, I found it was the real deal....with the mud paste all over my house siding to go with it. But, that's okay, I'm just excited to have a mama bird on my porch!

I had hung up this huge wreath and put a decorative sign in it that said, "Welcome to the porch" and ironically, that's where the Robin built her nest -right on top of the wreath! I took a closer peek when she wasn't there and YEA there's two little blue eggs! I've included some pictures below...now it's just waiting for the little babies to hatch!

I'm so giddy with excitement!

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The Beading Gem said...

Loved the picture of the blue eggs! I hadn't realised the color was so vivid. Pearl