Chestnut Crystal Artisan Lamwpwork Beaded Watch (W014)

I just love watches! They are the perfect accessory for the professional woman (or any woman) -get the accessory style of a bracelet but with the function of time (Late for that meeting? Check the time on your lovely watch!). An accessory that serves double duty!
Chestnut Crystal Beaded Lampwork Watch (W014)
Chestnut Crystal Beaded Lampwork Watch (W014)
One of a Kind
Unique artisan lampwork beads offer a rich, warm chestnut brown style adorned by a hint of shimmer with jet hematite Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver beads. This opulent handmade beaded watch features a silver Geneva black watch face. Measures 8-1/2".

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Silver Surfer said...

wow! great watches.