Search Engine for Artisans

I was introduced to a new search engine, by a fellow blogger, which is specifically designed for artisans. And I wasted no time in getting Crystal Allure listed!

Trent Colwell operates a new start-up,, and like most search engines it's -FREE (we all like free right?!). What makes Findings-Finder different is that it is "human-powered". Everything that is indexed has been manually checked (strange concept in today's world -right?). By personally visiting and verifying sites submitted, Trent's search engine produces link results that are "on-topic, current and useful". Take a moment and check it out!

In other (free) news: Don't forget -today starts the Favors With Love week long giveaway. Hop on over there to get your name in for some fabulous FREE gifts and a chance to win the beautiful, one of a kind, Crystal Liquid Silver Y Beaded Necklace! Use the image link in the right hand column.

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