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Pearl is the author of The Beading Gem's Journal -Jewelry Expressions in Bloom blog. She started the blog in 2005 because she wanted a place to share the fascinating stories behind the beads and gemstones used in her designs, the designs of other beading fanatics, jewelry facts, tidbits and information. Pearl writes about everything from her bead passions to gardening. It is her way to personally connect with the worldwide community of beaders and enthusiasts.

Pearl is also part of The Bead Sisterhood which is a Canandian group of jewelry artisans. Some of her fabulous designs are featured below and can be found online at
I was first introduced to The Beading Gem's Journal through a Google search and then I kept finding my way back to it through various other sites who had linked to it. Every now and then when I'd come across the blog, I'd leave a comment and then one day, I just found myself visiting everyday. It's now part of my daily, morning routine -get coffee, check email, check web stats, check the Beading Gem's Journal...

It always amazes me where Pearl finds her jewelry articles and postings for the day! Some of the unique jewelry she has introduced is, for some of us, out of this world. It's almost too difficult to describe -you simply have to visit and explore The Beading Gem's Journal for yourself (there are links at the top and scrolling down the sidebars).

Whether you are just starting out, have been designing for years or wish to learn a new technique, check out her link to a whole bunch of free jewelry videos (yes, that's right....FREE). Another feature of the blog is Pearl's library catalogue where you can browse what she has to say about the many books she has read and her personal rating of that book.

Ever wonder how a particular design comes to fruition? What inspired that artist? Whether you're curious what inspires a jewelry designer or you wish to share with the world the inspiration behind one of your own designs, you'll find it all in the Readers Gallery.

I asked Pearl what she wanted to share about The Beading Gem's Journal and here is what she had to say:

Well, I always love to have more readers/subscribers! The blog has evolved a
great deal in the 2 1/2 years I have been writing. I now cover a variety of
topics to keep it interesting and hope there is something for everyone. Many
people tell me they keep coming back because they never know what to expect
each day! The goal is to inspire and to inform. I am very curious by
nature, a bookaholic and collector of all sorts of trivial facts so the blog
is a place where I get to indulge and share with the community.

So head on over to The Beading Gem's Journal, check it out, comment (and tell Pearl you heard about her through the Crystal Allure Studio Blog), enjoy the plethora of information provided and before leaving -be sure to subscribe for FREE so you never miss a post!


The Beading Gem said...

Thanks for this super article - I am touched! And thank you for making my blog part of your daily routine! ;-)

Stephanie said...

Your are very welcome Pearl! You have a fabulous blog and I think alot more people should know about it. Thanks for visiting my page!