Final Show of the Season

For various reasons, I just didn't do many shows this year. It was kind of a bummer but necessary. However, I was invited back to the Johnson & Johnson Ortho Clinical United Way campaign show this year. As always, I was super excited because I get to meet and chat (however briefly) with all the ladies (and men this year too!). They have a few offsite locations and this year I added the second local offsite location at one of the Kodak buildings.

First and foremost, THANK YOU to all the wonderful ladies and men that I met and who purchased Crystal Allure Jewelry. A special thank you to my returning customers too! It is exactly your support and interest in my craft that drives my desire to create beautiful jewelry for you. And without doubt, thank you to Holly for pulling this all together and inviting me back for this years' campaign.

What was fascinating this year is I had quite a few men ask me about my pieces, stones used, etc AND they were actually listening. Don't get me wrong, but come on ladies, we all know how men can tune us out when we talk. Although in fairness we tend to babble sometimes or just talk out loud for the sake of talking. Maybe? You think? *smiles*

This year, I changed up my table decor and loved the new simple look. I like to change up the table every other year or so and the new setup was absolutely perfect for fall.

The show was such a success that I had to regroup and pump out a few new designs because I did one of the Kodak buildings first (it was a new location for me this year) and the ladies cleaned me out! I firmly live by the belief that every piece belongs to a particular woman and this was crystal clear at the first show because there were three necklaces in particular that were purchased by the very women they were perfect for. I hope you ladies are enjoying your new beaded jewelry!

At the second show, which was at the main location (Canal Ponds), I did put out some of my "special jewelry stash" designs for all the fantastic ladies there. Keeping this special stash is my way of thanking the ladies for their support and to offer pieces that no one else has seen yet. At the end of the show, my table was cleaned out, except for a few pieces. I even had a shopper comment on that (that I was cleaned out). But, I consider that a good thing and at this particular event, each purchase helps the United Way too.

You know how there are 'reformed smokers', you know the ones...they are soooo anti-smoking (and they used to smoke)?! I consider myself a 'reformed consumer'. Since I started designing jewelry, I just can't and won't purchase mass produced products (of any kind) if I know I can get it locally and more importantly by a local artist. I find the quality is much, much better and I'm actually investing in something rather than just buying it. This is another good reason why I love doing this event. It gives the opportunity to purchase handmade goods, from a local artist -the purchase supports the local economy AND helps the United Way. All this from one event. Fantastic!!

It is usually at the end of this show that I am inspired to create a host of new designs....and provided they do not sell before the next show -I promise in 2010, if invited back, that the designs will be even more fabulous than before!

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The Beading Gem said...

I love your new table display. It looks simple and elegant. Nice to be cleaned out for sure!