Black Friday Shopping -Bad or Not?

Well, I finally did it. After 40 years of avoiding Black Friday, I finally caved this year and did it. And you know what? It wasn't so bad -or at least not as bad as I think I built it up in my head.

Each year I wondered why anyone would feel the need to go out on the one day of the year when it was probably the most stressful time to shop and well -shop. It baffled me. I'd hear stories -people grabbing things, fighting other people for things, the best stuff sold out (that you had your heart set on) -on and on, the stories would flow each year. And I'd sit back and think -HA! my shopping is nearly done (because you see, I'd start shopping in August...all to avoid the holiday crowds and angry shoppers), and I'd do a lot of shopping online.

At first, people thought I was nuts but then would have to agree -avoiding as much holiday shopping after Thanksgiving was actually smart. Although in fairness, I think as the years have gone by, stores have gotten smarter about how to manage Black Friday and I think for the most part it's worked. And so far, I haven't ever really been all that interested in the "big" ticket items that are so hot the day after either.

Also in years past, it was the hour at which one had to get up to get the best deals -again for me, I'll take sleep any day over stuff. :-)

But this year was different, I mentioned it to my husband and he thought -righhht, you're gonna get up...we'll see. So I said set the alarm and we'll take it from there. The alarm went off promptly at 5:00 am and he asked if I was getting up -I confirmed in my half groggy still asleep state. It was another 15 minutes but I did get up (but, shhhh....let's not talk about how I can't get up for work!). After getting ready, planning the stores we'd hit and the order, we headed out into the morning darkness.

My philosophy -I'm a bear -if it's still dark, you should be sleeping. BUT, I was amazingly out of the house and at the first store by 6am. Yikes! We hit five stores in total and got pretty much what we went in for. Of course, we also had options. We were buying for our nieces and they had already marked items in the sale ads of things they'd like for Christmas. In fact, we were also pleasantly surprised that many people were pretty pleasant (certainly not the type of holiday shopper I had built up in my head all these years!).

At one store, there was one person who did grab onto the same item I was already trying to get off the hook -but it was a rush for that one item and when she realized I was not letting it go (meaning, maybe moving it out of the way for another color), she quickly let go and apologized.

In the end, it was a pleasant experience that I got to share with my husband. The holiday shoppers were pleasant, we got what we went out for, and there are now at least three less family members to buy for (of course, it didn't hurt to be out since I did pick up a few things for myself!).

So that is where I have been. Not MIA, but preparing for Thanksgiving and doing some early shopping. But I'm back and new designs will be added to the online jewelry store by Sunday evening -I promise. Now, off to make more pies for a second (and last) family Thanksgiving dinner.

So how was your holiday? Did you go out shopping on Black Friday? Did you get what you wanted? What was your shopping experience like? Leave a comment.

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