Custom Bridal Memorial Bracelet

It seems almost impossible to combine the words, "bridal" with "memorial" -right? I would have thought the same thing but found recently that's not quite true. A very dear customer of mine approached me about designing a custom bracelet for a bride whose father had already passed away but asked her cousin (my customers' husband) to walk her down the isle. Here's the story of this beautiful bride gift from her mother in law..
Mary Kay's Custom Pearl Bali Bridal Memorial Bracelet (B168)
Custom Pearl Bali Bridal Memorial Bracelet (B168)

Mary Kay's husband was asked by his cousin to walk her down the isle on her special day (her father had passed before her wedding day). She came to me to design a unique and special bracelet that he could present to her in honor of being asked to walk her down the isle.
Custom Pearl Bali Bridal Memorial Bracelet (B168) with Flower
At first, it was difficult to come up with a design because I wanted to include both the honor of his being asked but also honor the memory of her father and still keep the design beautiful enough that she could wear it on her wedding day. It all came together when I found the sterling bali prayer box charm with the word "Dad" on the side. It was absolutely perfect!

The bali prayer box charm holds a single Swarovski crystal in the birthstone of her father and the initials each represent the first initial of the bride, her father and Mary Kay's husband (with the bride's initial in the middle). To make the bracelet even more meaningful, I included a little card that read:

Custom Bridal Memorial Bracelet with Prayer Box Charm (B168)
Custom Bridal Memorial Bracelet with Prayer Box Charm
I am honored to have been chosen to walk such a special person down the isle on her wedding day. This bracelet symbolizes how I feel and although I am physically here for this honor, your father is here in memory. On this bracelet, handmade just for you, is a prayer box containing an emerald Swarovski Crystal in your fathers’ birthstone. It also has three initials to symbolize that although I will walk beside you, your father will also in heart and spirit. We will both be “walking” you down the isle on this very special day.

Both Mary Kay and her husband were absolutely thrilled with the design and special meanings behind the charm used and letter beads. And I am always thrilled and exceptionally happy to create a special jewelry piece that has meaning and will be cherished for a lifetime.

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The Beading Gem said...

What a beautiful design you did - not just visually, but to find and put together the charm etc for a truly thoughtful gift.