Studio Friday -Well, Studio Monday

Okay, okay -today is monday. But I had planned on posting friday, just got side-tracked. As you can see, I spent a good portion of friday working in the studio on the blog. I changed around the columns, tweaked a few widgets in the smaller columns, and added a few features. Now located at the end of every blog post are two buttons labeled, "tweet this" and "share". The first cool little button allows you to 're-tweet', if you will, the blog post on your twitter account -or share the post through just about any other social media using the second "share" button.

I'm still working out some smaller quirks that bug me and some alignment issues, but I do like the fact that the first column is now the "reading" column -that's what'cha came here for right?!

On another note. It really irks me when someone steals my entire web template, favicon and some photos from my web -just so they can take a short cut to start their own online store. You know what? I've spend years and hours upon hours (and not to mention money) on getting my site, brand and photos to where they are. Take the high road and stop stealing my hard work. I know who you are now and will be following you -oh yeah...and I reported you.

There's always one, right?!

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The Beading Gem said...

Gee, that's really unfortunate that someone else could not be original. I have the same problem with post plagiarism.

I like the column rearrangement by the way. The post column loads first now.