Custom Holiday Beaded Bracelet -Vintage Redux II

Recently completed is a custom holiday bracelet set for one of my favorite customers. The Swarovski aurora borealis crystals used in this design are actually left over beads from Mary Kay's Custom Crystal Vintage Redux 3-pc. Jewelry Set (JS100). There was a plan to use them in another necklace design with vintage beads received from her family, but when that design didn't work out, we went to plan B.
Mary Kay's Custom Vintage Crystal Redux II Holiday Bracelet Set (B170)
Mary Kay's Custom Vintage Crystal Redux II Holiday Bracelet Set (B170)
Plan B, was to use them in a holiday bracelet design.

So I got to work and added some lovely freshwater pearls with some red siam and green tourmaline Swarovski Crystals to sterling silver and viola' -a festive holiday bracelet to treasure for a lifetime!

What makes this bracelet set even more unique is because the red and green crystals are small enough and there are not too many in the design -you could really wear this bracelet at other times throughout the year. Just add this beaded jewelry set to either a red outfit, or a green outfit, or even a neutral shade for just a small pop of color. Finished with my signature jewelry tag.

Mary Kay's comments:
"What a wonderful 'cold-Friday-in-December' surprise...I absolutely love them!!

We are planning a holiday outing tonight and they will be perfect. Of course, I have them on already. I especially like that they are festive, but not limiting and can really be worn anytime of the year.

Thank you so much. You are the best!"


Azure Accessories said...

Very pretty Stephanie...delicate but will definitly make a wonderful statement!!!

I do agree because the red and green crystals aren't overpowering this set could be worn with so much anytime of the year...


Stephanie said...

Thanks Heather! I just love versatile jewelry and I'm very pleased my customer was happy it too.