Sarah's Orange Chocolate Autumn Wedding Jewelry

Remember the post about fall weddings and autumn brides? Well, the inspiration for that post came from a bride, Sarah, who was getting married in October. The fall season can be such a beautiful time of the year to get married, with all the vibrant colors. Who wants to be a June bride? I'd take autumn (or winter...which I did!) anytime!
Sarah's Autumn Wedding in Chocolate and Orange | Bridesmaid Jewelry by Crystal Allure
Well you might recall, Sarah had come to me requesting two more additional necklaces like the one we had on our website, the Red Aventurine Gemstone Freshwater Pearl Beaded Necklace (N040). I explained it was a one-of-a-kind but suggested she consider that one for her maid of honor and have two additional Autumn Wedding Bridesmaid Necklace Sets made for her bridesmaids. That way, her maid of honor would stand out from the rest of the bridal party.

The Bride's Autumn Wedding in Chocolate and Orange | Bridesmaid Jewelry by Crystal Allure
A few weeks back Sarah was gracious enough to email a thank you and some pictures of her wedding with the bridal party wearing my custom designs. It was such a thrill to get her email and I'm so proud of this set -so beautiful! Did I mention I love autumn? *smiles*

Thank you Sarah for the opportunity to help make your wedding day even more special and unique!

Although Sarah is not the first bride to request custom wedding jewelry from Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry, this is the first set where I did get pictures. So I wanted to start sharing with you the custom wedding jewelry that I design and the lovely brides who requested them.

What the Bride has to say:
Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for the congratulations. It's very nice of you to follow up. I was very happy with the pieces. I thought they worked wonderfully with our brown and orange wedding colors. The bridesmaids were very happy as well. My mother even commented that they looked like something out of the Bloomingdale's catalog - definitely a compliment! Thank you again for your help. Your design turned out perfectly! I got the wedding of my dreams.

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Azure Accessories said...

Gorgeous jewelry, the red aventurine looks wonderful with the dresses Stephanie! Very non traditional, I love it!

My son was married this September and his wife chose black for the attendants dresses...I made three completely different necklaces and complimentary earrings using black onyx, some black Swarovski crystals and sterling & fine silver...with fuchsia Gerber daisies for bouquets, it was stunning!!!

So much fun to do a wedding...