Winter Is....

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday week. I know I have! With only two days til Christmas, all the baking done and the gifts wrapped, I found some time this morning to sit back and relax. And what do I do....get online! I've got me some blog friends to catch up with. :-)

It's a blustery cold 17 degrees here and as I stared out the window, I pondered:

Winter Is.......

(see a theme...awww they're so cute!)

So how about you? What is winter to you?


Image resources:
staying snuggly

beautiful snowscapes
Xena*best friend*

the crunch of new fallen snow
Dave Stiles

playing in the snow
Bonnie Matthews

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Azure Accessories said...

Love the photos daughter and her family just picked up a a gorgeous 2 month old standard poodle, and she, Jade is her name, is just darling...they do not plan on shaving her but leaving her coat long...which I like as I'm not a huge fan of the look of the shaved poodles!

It has warmed up a bit here but we have more snow than I would like...I'm not a winter person, I've never "loved winter" but I didn't "dislike" it either... but as I've gotten older I prefer the warmth and sun!!!

I wish you and yours a peaceful, safe, happy Holiday Season...

Merry Christmas Stephanie...