Another Recall on Children's Jewelry

On Friday, January 29, 2010, Federal consumer safety regulators announced a recall of "The Princess and The Frog" pendants sold at Walmart stores because of high levels of toxic metal cadmium.

You might recall an Associated Press investigation, at the beginning of the year, into high levels of this carcinogen in Disney movie-themed pendants and other children's metal jewelry imported from China. High levels of cadmium found in pieces of inexpensive metal jewelry, is dangerous to childrens' health especially if they chew, suck on or swallow a bracelet charm or necklace. Cadmium that is ingested and accumulates for years, can cause potentially serious harm to the kidneys and bones. Most recent research suggests it can also harm brain development in children.

This latest recall affects two products with about 55,000 items in total. The retail price tag for these jewelry pieces was set at $5.00 each. As part of the Associated Press' original investigation, their testing of pendants from four "The Princess and The Frog" necklaces produced cadmium levels that ranged between 25 and 35 percent.

The Walt Disney Company's response to this latest recall was to alert their vendors and licensees via a letter stating a zero-tolerance policy for cadmium in any children's jewelry bearing its brand.

If you happen to be a parent who has purchased jewelry similar to this or your child received it as a gift, it has been advised that you throw it out. Better to be safe than sorry, right?


Azure Accessories said...

I hadn't heard about this specific recall!

You just never know anymore really...I've actually stopped selling anything with Swarovski crystals in them to anyone under 15 due to the lead content...

Thanks for doing the post...

Stephanie said...

I wasn't exactly surprised to hear of the recall. You know what they say about inexpensive jewelry. I realize sometimes for children it's a necessity and it's a terrible thing to happen.