Our Second Passion -Helping Animals!

The Verona Street Animal Society for the City of Rochester Animal Services is holding their 2nd annual Frosty Paws fundraiser to raise necessary funds to help animals in their shelter.

The details of the event are below and even if you can't make it, a donation of any size will surely help the animals! As most of you know, I (we...my husband and I) are big animal lovers and we do whatever we can to help out. So, when Chris contacted me about a pair of earrings I had donated, to a past fundraiser that no one claimed, and asked if I wouldn't mind they put them in the upcoming Frosty Paws fundraiser for auction, of course my answer was 'absolutely'!

But I wanted to take it one step further. By chance I still had some of the beads in stock that were in the earring design and offered to make a coordinating bracelet for a matched set. Surely, that would auction for more than a single pair of earrings. Although my husband and I have other plans for the day and will miss the event, I was very happy to still be "participating" by helping the animals through my jewelry donation. Bid high attendees! Your donations make a big impact in helping animals!! Another great way to help is to welcome one of their animals into your home -every animal deserves to live a good, happy and loving life.

All our pets are rescues from various animal shelters/organizations, in fact, three of them are from the Rochester Animal Services. Our dog, Lucy; and our brother cats, Sweetie Pie and Cookie Toe. Each one of them give our lives so much enrichment, happiness, love and much more. Although they can all be little stinkers from time to time, but that's what makes each one unique and such a joy to be in our lives!

Fundraiser Details--------------------------------------------
2nd Annual Frosty Paws Winter Carnival
Presented by Invisible Fence Brand

When: Saturday, January 23, 2010 / 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Where: ARTISANworks, 565 Blossom Road Suite L, Rochester, New York 14610

Visit: http://www.artisanworks.net/ for information on the venue.

What: Join us for an evening of musical fare, mystic carnival entertainment and great food and wine. In support of Rochester's furry friends, the Frosty Paws Winter Carnival is complete with silent auction, tarot card reader, henna artist, and animal psychic all among the magnificent artistic surroundings of ARTISANworks! It's an evening you won't want to miss. Tickets are on sale now.

BUY TICKETS at Rochester Animal Services or at www.vsas.org

When purchasing tickets online, be sure to include "Frosty Paws" in the donation Purpose field so we know that you're buying a ticket!

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