Photographing Beaded Jewelry & Pearls

If you are a jewelry designer or artisan, you know how absolutely frustrating it can be to get beautiful pictures of your designs. Quite by chance, I started having a discussion with Pearl over at the Beading Gem's Journal about the subject of photographing beaded jewelry, more specifically pearls. As if photographing jewelry wasn't hard enough as it is, pearls -they're a whole other ball game!

So, Pearl (yes, that is her name! ironic isn't it?!) decided to help me out by featuring my photography setup and photo results for Crystal Allure Designs using a before and after picture. The idea and hope of the post was to get some feedback from other designers (or even a professional photographer or two?) as to their experience in photographing their jewelry.
We would all love to hear your tips, tricks and comments. So head on over to the Beading Gem's Journal and participate in the discussion of "Taking good pictures of pearls is such a challenge!" (Photographic Inspirations, Part 2 of 3).

Thanks for the help Pearl and for featuring Crystal Allure Designs!


Azure Accessories said...

Hello Stephanie...I've already checked out Pearl's post...she always does a great job with her posts!

I do agree taking jewelry photos is one of the most difficult things I've ever tried to is completely different than taking a photo of anything else!!!

I have to be honest...if I hadn't seen your after, I would have thought your before was actually is great just darker than the know I've always thought your photos were exceptionally well done!

I know, I know, it is how you feel about your photos...I think we all are a bit too hard on ourselves...but who am I to say anything I'm just the same...never good enough for me!!!

Have a great weekend...

Stephanie said...

Hey Heather! Thanks for checking out Pearls blog post.

Awww, thanks for your comments on my photos! Yes, I am a perfectionist -maybe to a fault.

I'm amazed at your pictures. They're clear, crisp and very interesting. I love how you found a "prop" that works for your pictures. I wish I could. I've tried but just haven't found that "thing".

Thanks for stopping by. It's saturday and I'm about to catch up on my blogs...your's included!