Studio Friday: New Beaded Jewelry

What a week it's been. Whew, am I ever glad it's over. For the last month and a half to two months, I have been fiddling with Facebook to get a dedicated URL for the Crystal Allure business page. And this week, I was determined to figure it out -what a fiasco that was! Geeze. But, you know what? Every where I turned with questions on the internet or to was the same thing -Facebook, well, sucks. No better way to put it. There is absolutely no help along the way, the instructions are pretty much none existant and on some features, once you change it -you can never go back.

Needless to say, in the end, I had to create yet another "personal" account to be able to change the business page URL and even that didn't come out exactly as I had planned. BUT, it's done and now the shiny spankin' new Facebook URL is (drum roll, please...): Now it's even easier to stay connected and informed. The best part is that from time to time, I will be offering only Facebook fans particular specials and offers. So become a fan today and don't miss out.

I've been so focused on this Facebook thing (which by the way, will be a separate post that just might help someone else someday) I can't even remember what I was doing before all this. *sigh*.........(I'm thinking......)......Oh wait, moment of clarity. I had tweaked and updated the Crystal Allure website, improved some photos and added almost a whole new page of beaded jewelry! Ah yes, the real reason for my artistic endeavor -to create beutiful beaded jewelry that I can share with the world!

As a teaser, pictured at left are the new Cherry Garcia Artisan Lampwork Beaded Earrings. A delicious mix of lampwork glass beads and tasty Swarovski Austrian Crystals! There were a few other new lampwork earrings, two new 3-pc beaded jewelry sets, new cystic fibrosis awareness jewelry and new gemstone bracelets to enjoy.

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The best part is I still have many more pieces to picture and get posted, so more beaded jewelry is on the way! As well, while tweaking the website, I did get a better glance at the fact that many of the categories are quite low on pieces (for example, the Crystal Ice Collection and Bridal). So, I'll be focusing on those, in addition to, the awareness jewelry collection in the coming weeks.

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Azure Accessories said...

Good for you Stephanie...
I've a presence on Facebook, but I'm not on much...I've been told it is a great tool but haven't developed the habit yet!

Same with Twitter, I've a presence but don't use it the way it should be...

I love those earrings, the color is very rich looking!