Unchain My Heart For Eternity Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Fourteen Days of Hearts and Love
Part 12 of 14

Unchain My Heart Gemstone Beaded Earrings: Jade Gemstone, Rose Quartz GemstoneOkay, okay, I have to admit, I did have a whole other new piece of jewelry to introduce today. BUT, as these things go sometimes, the pictures just were not up to my standards. So I've had to postpone that introduction until either tomorrow or Sunday (the last day of these Valentine Hearts and Love postings).

Indeed, I had already introduced these lovely heart earrings in January, but of all the heart earrings, I find these are my favorite. They have a little sass, a little sweetness and they are oh so beautiful! Although available in both Rose Quartz and Jade, the Unchain My Heart Gemstone Beaded Earrings (E256) are even more unique because there is only one pair available in each gemstone.

If you're anything like me, somedays you feel a little sexy, other days a little sweet. I definately like a variety of jewelry to choose from each day. Most women dress based on how they are feeling that particular day.

New to Crystal Allure are two very different but very beautiful pairs of beaded earrings. Both showcase the beauty and elegance of pearls.

For those days when you're feeling a little sexy there are the For Eternity Freshwater Pearl Berryvine Beaded Earrings (E100-D2), shown below, featuring a rich cranberry pearl.

Feeling a little sweet and angelic? Pick yourself up a pair of the Swarovski Pearl Bali Stack Beaded Earrings (E251).

I have always found my simple stack beaded earrings to be particularly popular, versatile and perfect for a day at the office, carting around the kids or a romantic dinner out.
For Eternity Freshwater Pearl Beaded Earrings (E100-D2)
For Eternity Freshwater Pearl Beaded Earrings (E100-D2)
These sexy handcrafted beaded earrings feature a trio of rich cranberry freshwater pearls accented with 14 karat gold fill bead caps and meticulously wire wrapped for all of eternity. Gold fill 14 karat leverback ear wires. Length is 1-3/4" from the bottom of the ear wire.


Alex Damien said...

That's a great idea! I love how you made earrings for either side, sexy or sweet. That's so cute. And your photos are always so bright and clear! Amazing!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Alex! It's gratifying to know how others see my pictures since they are the largest challenge I'd had in my jewelry career. I'm so glad you like them and thanks for stopping by!