I Can See Clearly Now...

It'll happen to everyone at some age right? The need for assistance with reading -a tad of magnification -glasses. I found myself in this position recently because of my desk set up at work. The screen is just too far away and rather than lean in (a very uncomfortable position I must say), I chose to go the fashionable route.

I knew my good friend, Barb, would set me up with some fabulously stylish glasses. Barb and I actually worked together "many moons" ago at an opticians office. That was my first 'career' and I loved it. Now that I think about it, not sure why I left it...probably the pay scale -hey a single woman has to make the dough so she can survive!

Anyhow, part of my job at that time was frame stylist. I was always brutally honest and that is what all my customers loved about me. They would always say they had never worked with anyone who was so honest and I simply told them, for the money they were investing in frames, they should look good! AND, they should really consider glasses like any other accessory. They're not just glasses. They're an accessory that speaks volumes to the onlooker -are you bold, shy, vibrant, classic? Glasses should fit your personality -your style and make you want to wear them. I don't recall anyone ever coming back unhappy.

Although I was in the optical field, I have never worn glasses. Until now. So I turned to my good friend to help me narrow down the choices -and be brutally honest with what really looked good on me. And as I already knew I would be, I'm extremely happy with both pairs!

Both are JLo frames, one is black metal with stars engraved into the sides. I call these the professional glasses. Very classic but chic. The other pair are my funky studio glasses. A mix of turquoise and burgundy. I know. It looks brown but it's really not. It's more of a very deep burgundy with a touch of brown.

Since they are just readers, the big question is -do I wear them regularly? Well, yes and no. The professional ones, I do at work -or else I'll be leaning over the keyboard tray! The funky ones, since they are the only ones I have at home, I do tend to leave them either in the living room or my studio. So, those are not always used like they should be, mainly because they are never where I need them to be. Hmmm...maybe I need meself another pair! Oh Barb....

Another confession. I know I said I was going to have some new brand designs up around the beginning of April, but...I've had a problem with tendonitis and it just doesn't seem to be going away. The good news is, I already have anywhere from 40-50 pieces that I just have to get pictured and posted. So, new jewelry is still going to be posted. It just might not be the new brand designs I was hoping to get done.


The Beading Gem said...

I must remember to get my optometrist stylist to be brutally honest when I get my frames changed this fall!!

Stephanie said...

Hey Pearl! I'd love to see what new frames you get! Sorry I have been MIA....this tendonitis thing is so frustrating. I hope to back to normal real soon.

Azure Accessories said...

Great glasses Stephanie...I have a pair of glasses in my studio, kitchen, bedroom & living room...LOL just in case!!! :0)

Hope the tendonitis doesn't last long...annoying I'm sure!