Guest Post: Galleria di Luce

A few months back, I started working with Maria from Galleria di Luce (Bella Business Branding). I had contacted her to help re-design / re-brand my online jewelry boutique, Crystal Allure. Prior to finding her site, I had done the typical searches to try and find that unique designer who would help bring Crystal Allure to life on the web.

And as always, I kept coming across template designers who were producing, simply put, cookie-cutter templates. Color changes here, font changes there, but in the end it was the same template. What's more, you could never customize it to suit your business -to make your business stand out amongst the rest. And for those of you out there that are jewelry KNOW you need to have your brand stand-out or else you just fall into the black hole of the competitive business of jewelry design.

But Galleria di Luce was different. Galleria di Luce offered an identity as oppose to just a boutique template.

Finding Maria was like finding a hidden treasure -it was perfect! I wanted something unique -unique to my business -my own brand. I wanted to embrace that uniqueness that is infused into each of my jewelry designs and express that into my brand. That uniqueness began as a simple swan logo -the symbol of quality Crystal Jewelry.

Maria saw my vision and today so many elements are now tied in, from the swan to Swarovski Crystals, the elegant colors used, the sophisticated layout and more. If there is any designer I would absolutely put full-on, unrestricted trust, faith and respect into -it would be Maria from Galleria di Luce. Maria has done so much more than just re-brand Crystal Allure Jewelry, I couldn't even begin to start a list. Maria is just fabulous!!! And her template designs are unforgettable!

Through her hard work, patience and understanding, we got through the design phases and she produced a spot-on re-brand for Crystal Allure Jewelry. Every aspect, every element now speaks of the jewelry I produce and the quality of my jewelry.

Quality designs that are Beautiful, Feminine, Alluring.
Crystal Allure -Redefine Your Femininity!

To Maria -thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you did for Crystal Allure Jewelry. I think the site is absolutely beautiful and is the perfect representation of my jewelry designs.

Check out Galleria di Luce for elegant business and boutique branding and when you do tell Maria I said "HI".


Azure Accessories said...

Galleria di Luce did a wonderful site for you Stephanie!!! Classy & elegant!

I'll stop by to see what else she does!
Enjoy your weekend!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Heather! I do love it (the new look). Hope you find something you like on her site.