Why Buy When You Can Borrow Jewelry?

While doing some researching I came across the website for Adorn. The business concept is that you can rent fine diamond jewelry (yes, genuine diamond jewelry) for your wedding or special occasion.

You simply shop for jewlery you love, add them to your bag, checkout with your credit card, wear your amazing jewelry and then simply send it back via UPS (using the pre-paid label they provide you). How much easier can it get?!

Not sure what style jewelry to complement your gown? Take advantage of their style consultation services for worry free advice on the best jewelry for your outfit.

Another added benefit of renting dazzling genuine diamond jewelry....it's green.


The Beading Gem said...

It's also a lot cheaper to rent than buying high end jewelry! I wonder how they guarantee safe return?

Azure Accessories said...

Hmmmm an interesting concept, I wonder how it is working for them???
Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

I would agree with your Pearl. It is alot more affordable to rent fine jewelry! Especially since it's not the kind of jewelry you could or would wear everyday.

I did not create an account to look into their terms but I would suspect that since they take your credit card, you probably have a limit time with the jewelry and if you don't return by that date, they'll charge you? And I'm sure there's some clause about if you damage it and how much it'll cost you.

Both you ladies have a fab weekend too!