Sparkling Garden Friends

It is true, I love all things sparkly. And so why shouldn't my garden sparkle too? Right?!

I found both the frog and snail at a local store and just recently purchased the mushroom from an artisan at a local craft show (Fairport Canal Days). She had some fabulous items and it was hard to decide. But I knew the colors would go perfectly in our butterfly garden.Of course, I took the pictures at they don't really sparkle in the pictures like they do during the day. But I just had to share with you.

When I'm not beading, I'm in the garden. In fact, we recently cut down the tree next to our porch so that will be the next garden landscape there so that it shows off our wrap around porch. I figure by the time I get around to finishing it and liking how it looks, it'll be fall. :-)

There are some fabulous new summer jewelry designs coming, I just need to get better pictures and get some complementary pieces finished before I do the official announcement. So, gotta run...busy, busy, busy...


Azure Accessories said...

Those are so cute Stephanie...can't decide which is my favorite...I like them all!!! 0)

Happy us a photo when you've completed your new garden area!

Enjoy your day...

Stephanie said...

Thanks Heather! I'm really loving my sparkling garden friends and I'll definately post a photo of the new garden area once it's completed.