Dog Days of Summer


Just before the 4th of July, I was on a roll with new designs, finishing up the summer designs and finally got some beaded anklets done as well. BUT, as the weather here goes, now that the holiday is over, it's been in the low 90's all week. The last two nights it has only gone down to 70 degrees...baaaaad sleeping weather!

Don't get me wrong. Sun is good. But us Rochestarians, well, it's our job to complain about the weather. It's what we're about. *smiles* My ish. I still don't have central air and I have been unable to get any pictures for a while now (1. because it's been too hot and 2. because I have to wait for the sun to go down). You see, I perfected (or at least I'd like to think so) my picture taking to where I can get pictures regardless of the weather we're having here. But, with the heat, it's just been too unbearable to work in the studio and I'm seriously overdue for posting the results of my summer bead partner designs/review. ugh.

The claim by forecasters is that we'll get a break tomorrow and so it is my plan to try and get some pictures then. I'm crossing my fingers. Until then, I thought you might enjoy the cute photo of a black and tan miniature pinscher. IF my little Lucy didn't mind her picture taken, I would have loved to share her with you. But, she's not a fan of the camera. See for yourself (indicated by the white arrows):
Photo 1: happy Lucy in the driveway enjoying an evening outside; Photo 2: Lucy NOT so happy after seeing me pull out the camera. Oh well, I tried.

Hopefully, I'll have summer jewelry design pictures for you by the weekend.

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