Creative Desserts: Berry Pudding Cake

For a recent invitiation we received to a friends' summer cookout, I decided to bring a dessert (since well, I love to make desserts). Most of the time, I try to find someone different and unique or at least something I haven't seen brought to other gatherings. I am a die-hard Betty Crocker fan but this time, I checked out Better Homes and Gardens online to search their recipes.

I came across their (notice how great their picture looks...) Berry Pudding Cake, loaded with various fruits (summer friendly) and light enough that it was actually heart healthy. Perfect. Go to the store, gather all the ingredients. I have a plan. Of course, as life would happen, "the plan", slightly changed the day I was to make them. Had all this running around to do and still had to get more of the individual tart dishes. sigh...

Rush home, start preparations. Cut up fruit, arrange in dishes (easy enough). Make the "cake" batter (hmm..didn't get fat-free milk..oh just use what I have). Fill the dishes and bake (cooking time is short -good). Out of the oven they emerge. Mmmmm..looks tasty...might be a little short on the berries....and probably should have made another batch of batter since the recipe served 6 and I needed 8 dishes. Lesson learned.

End result. They were a little "flat" because of the lack of berries and batter, but overall, pretty tasty and the perfect summer dessert! Will definately try these again.

Want to try them yourself? Here's the recipe link:


Dawn Doucette said...

Oh Stephanie, this is almost sinful way to start my Saturday. LOL Seriously, these look delicious! I'm actually drooling as I type... okay, not really. But they would make an excellent combination to go with my morning coffee for breakfast. Don't ya think?

Life's short, enjoy dessert first!

The Beading Gem said...

They look delicious to me, no matter what the cook said! Thanks for the recipe.

Miss Val's Creations said...

Sounds delicous! I love how the pudding cake is in separate dishes!

Toni Tralala said...

That looks absolutely scrumptious! :)

Stephanie said...

Hi ladies!! Thanks so much for stopping by -gee, I just don't know where the time goes. Word of caution...don't ever get behind in your business paperwork. I've been buried for months catching up. ugh.

Dawn Marie -Mmmm... those desserts with coffee..nice combo!

Aww thanks Pearl!

Miss Val -I went to just about every store locally to get a total of 8 dishes. They must be hot dishes!

Welcome to my blog Toni, so glad you stopped by. And thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

The pictures look fabulous...going to try this recipe. Love your jewlery too.