Jewelry Artisans Beware: Success is Self-Made!

Today I came across an online company that offers (of course, for a fee...which is not small by any means) to connect handmade artisans with retailers looking for wholesale accounts. Intriqued, I read more on their site. What I found was a clearly presented (well, marketed) site, providing all the information one would need to evaluate if they wanted to join or not and lots of artisan testimonials.

What I didn't find -testimonials from the retailers. I found that odd since, well, as a potential "customer" of this site, not only am I interested in what other artists' experiences have been, but also what experiences/successes retailers have had in finding the right products for their stores/boutiques.

Additionally, for jewelry artists to "qualify" to join, they must already have 5 wholesale accounts that they could provide references for when they apply.

So, I ask this. If, I, (the artisan) already have 5 wholesale accounts (clearly showing that I've been successful with wholesaling my products to the right retailers) -why do I need XYZ wholesale company???? And to pay them $395.00 a year??

Obviously, I don't plan to list the company that I am referring to because I don't plan on giving them any additional advertisement -but, to me, as a jewelry artisan -this seems like a scam! Okay, maybe not a SCAM, SCAM, but they certainly wouldn't mine taking your hard earned money! :-)


Teri Coleman said...

Excellent point Stephanie! it is a lot of money and as you say if you can source wholesalers on your own why would you need them? xx

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by Teri. I checked out some of your blogs -great reads!