For me, vacation started yesterday. Yet I literally spent the entire day, since 7:30 am!, catching up on business paperwork. Yea, as a small business owner, you don't ever want to get behind in your paperwork. ugh. nightmare.

BUT, I did successfully get it all entered and cleared off my ever growing "to-do" list. And boy, what a stress relief that was. I did feel it weighing on me...since...oh...July. I work with numbers all day so it was very daunting to think of getting home and doing more numbers. So I made that a goal during "vacation".

Today, so far, I've spent the morning catching up on some blogs, blogging myself, working on the jewelry boutique, organizing some upcoming sales/offers, sending/reading emails and I still have to address my Content is King task; and get to stores, shopping, gift buying...the list never ends.

So as I sit here (still in my jammies), sipping coffee, writing all about what I still have to do my sweet little girl (Lucy) is snorting. Yes, snorting. She's in such a deep, relaxed sleep that she is snorting. I think my "assistant" is on her union break? Oh wait, we just got a streeeeetch -a long sigh...a quick glance, through sleepy eyes, that I am still in the room...aaaannnd...back to sleep.

Makes it really hard to get motivated. :-)

Are you on vacation this week? What are your plans?

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The Beading Gem said...

Nope. Not on vacation but your blog post speaks all. It's a wonder how we manage to fit in the small biz stuff with our day jobs!