What I Love About Fall

I recently joined The Secret's In the Sauce group and love it! Once I hopped around the site a bit, I jumped right in and joined the Content is King group and took on the challenge of writing better blog posts.

Under tip #2, Nuture Your Voice, it says:
Words on a page are just words on a page unless you can find a way to breathe life into them. (amen! I wholeheartedly agree!) Allow people to relate. Make yourself vulnerable. (yikes!! open up? ahhh...no?! darn!)

Okay, okay. I get it. And I do know this. It's just...well...alright, I'll stop whining. Indeed my lack of blogging regularly has alot (did I say, ALOT) to do with being a very private person. Everytime I think to blog something, I think, hmmm..TMI. Although, I think I've done a pretty darn good job in the last year or so of sharing -beyond my jewelry business. My other ish is I am a very visual person. I like to "see" things so I'm always wanting to add some pictures or visuals. Which leads to other issues (remembering your camera where ever you go...remembering to pull out your camera to even take pictures!...having the time to download the pictures, crop them, fix them, etc, etc.)

The whole concept of my blog was to give a Behind the Designs look at life, when I'm not handcrafting jewelry designs (or dreaming of designs). Of course, this doesn't exclude sharing my designs or the inspirations behind them, rather to breathe life into them.

So, today I wanted to share with you what I love most about fall/autumn (activity #2). Here in Rochester, NY, autumn arrived right on schedule -the craft show schedule that is. I love to shop/look around craft shows in the fall. I scheduled with two good friends to check out the Letchworth Craft Show the first weekend of October. It was the perfect day. Sunny. Slight crisp to the air. BEAUTIFUL trees with all the red, gold, green and rust colored leaves. And of course, great conversation with a couple of dear friends!

The trip wasn't so much about the craft show. It was about getting together with girlfriends (bonding time here, ladies) -laughing -having fun -escaping the daily grind, etc. We arrived at the park only to spend approximately 20 minutes or so in the car, just to reach parking (lots of traffic!). But this time, sitting and doing nothing really didn't bother me. It fact, it was quite enjoyable. Relaxing.

Of course, both me and one friend remembered our cameras so we took the opportunity to snap some pictures along the way.

I think I may have gone a tad beyond the "list" function of my activity, but it is true; once you just sit down and start "writing" the words just flow. Thanks Jade for the kick in the butt! And to stay true to the list, here's my autumn loves (in no particular order):

-the colorful trees
-the crisp air
-the feeling of a renew of the self
-the feeling life has slowed down a bit (remember to stop and smell the acorns)
-oh yes, acorns..and pinecones...and colorful leaves (oh yeah, said that)
-warm crumbly top apple pie (Mmmmmm!)
-thanksgiving dinner
-cozy sweaters

In closing, I will not admit (no -never!) this blog post took more than 10 minutes to write. :-)

How about you? What do you love most about the autumn/fall season?


Robin said...

Beautiful pictures. Nice post. Glad you got to the list eventually. ;)

Here from Content is King.

Kerri said...

Love taking long drives to see how the leaves are changing as you go further north.
Here from Content is King.

Susie @ A Slice of My Life said...

Aren't you glad you grabbed that camera and started snapping away? Your fall is so pretty, ours is, well...gray!

I looked at SITS a while back and it seemed so big and overwhelming, you've inspired me to go check it out again.

And DO keep writiing, you are right, once you make yourself start writing it does tend to flow...

LBDDiaries said...

Beautiful pictures!! And the list is just right - a mixture of visual, scent and taste!! I can taste that warm crumbly top apple pie and it isn't even on my diet!! Thanks for stopping by today and yep, Content IS King! Ya done good, Pilgrim!

No Longer 25 said...

Great job!

I love the colours and the excuse to eat more autumn foods - soups, casseroles and stews as well as apple pie and custard!

Have a lovely day,

Stephanie said...

Welcome Content is King friends!

Susie, it can seem daunting at first. But just focus on one thing until you catch up. I joined Content is King and it's been fabulous. Hope to see you over there.

LBD, I love your reference to pilgrim. I chuckled when I read that! Thanks for the smiles!

Oh Jade, you've got my mouth watering for some good 'ole comfort foods. Time to pull out the crock pot!

Bronson Hill Arts said...

Personally, what I love about fall is a good wine party...and cool wine glasses! Your photos turned out very well, Stephanie. I just don't know when you had time to take a picture of the trees!