Swarovski Elements Innovations Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Swarovski has introduced some fabulous new colors and shapes to their line of crystal beads. Who could possibly resist them?

Now, I admit, I (personally) am not a huge fan of wearing yellow, I must say I'm still draw to the new Sunflower color. For the simple reason yellow reminds me of summertime and sunshine. It makes me feel good. So there is definately a design coming using this new color!

Other shapes you can expect to see coming to Crystal Allure Jewelry include the Lucerna, Mini Pear, Helios and Wild Heart beads and pendants. The Lucerna crystal is a reflection of a chinese lantern and I had used a lantern shaped gemstone in a past design, so I'm really looking forward to testing out this new shape. There are already some new designs ready to be pictured using the Mini Pear and Wild Heart pendants. As well, the Helios will make for a fantastic shimmering contemporary jewelry design.

Swarovski also introduced large hole crystals and two new colored protective coatings for the starfish crystal. With all these new innovations here and the existing irresistible shapes and colors already available from Swarovski -I'm in heaven!!

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Amazing new colors! I started wearing yellow a couple of years ago. It is such a happy color. Love the sunflower! ~Val

Azure Accessories said...

Gotta love Swarovskis in any color!

I've used both the Wild Heart and the Mini Pear so far...just gorgeous...I particularly like the new elongated shape of the heart!!!

I'm not a yellow fan either...and to be honest haven't found many who are...although it certainly is a cheerful color.

I'll watch for you gorgeous designs.


Stephanie said...

I'll admit the yellow can seem a little bold. But I'm dying to try it out because I agree with you Miss Val...it's such a happy color -how could you NOT like it?!

Heather, I too love the new enlogated heart shape! It's just a nice change to the standard heart shape. I'm looking forward to incorporating the new shape more into my designs.