Wanda's Custom Crystal Auntie Bracelet (B182)

Cristy contacted me about designing a custom aunt bracelet for her to give as a gift to her sister, Wanda. She wanted to celebrate her sister for having such a big heart and for making a difference in the lives of both her niece and nephew.

Being an aunt myself, I felt a personal connection to this design. I know I am proud to be an aunt (and I'm a darn good one too, if I don't say so myself! *smiles*) and I wanted Wanda to feel the say way, every time she wore here handmade beaded bracelet. More importantly, this symbolic custom bracelet will be a keepsake Wanda could treasure for a lifetime.
Wanda's Custom Crystal Auntie Bracelet (B182)
Wanda's Custom Crystal Auntie Bracelet (B182)

So, I decided to make an irresistibly, elegant and eye-catching crystal and pearl handmade beaded bracelet. Wanda's Custom Swarovski Crystal Auntie Bracelet (B182) features a full strand of sparkling Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, sterling silver beads, Bali with sterling silver letter beads that spelled out 'Auntie', centered in the design. I finished it off with our sterling silver signature jewelry tag.

Here's what the customer had to say about her beautiful bracelet:

Stephanie - It looks wonderful. I love the "Auntie" in the front. Thank you and thanks to all of the special aunts in the world!! -Cristy

You are very welcome Cristy! It was my pleasure to design this special bracelet for you.


Azure Accessories said...

Gorgeous Stephanie...with all those crystals and silver it couldn't be anything but!

Neil lane said...

Silver gives such a wonderful look to those gems, nice work